After driving with Maxi View Mirrors on both sides of your car for 30 days if you can find a better blind spot mirror (stick on type) for less money we will give you our Maxi View Mirrors absolutely free!

the highest quality blind spot mirror in the world

The only Blind Spot Mirror that has true full-focus and fully adjust-ability resulting in total side vision.



1 year


World's Best

We have 3 patents on our mirrors, over 2 million satisfied customer, and are still recognized as the best on the market.

Focus & Adjustability

Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror has true full-focus capability with our 360°, fully adjustable ball and swivel.

What You See

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror gives you a realistic view, three times larger than any other.

Full Vision

Only Maxi View Blind Spot Mirror will never block your rear vision when placed properly.

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